Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Do you need a "power up" breakfast???

Are you ready for a great active day like I do when I go to surf camp at It's time to Power up in the morning with a Sunshine Breakfast Patty on a whole grain toasted english muffin and some home grown sprouts and your favorite trimmings. The Breakfast patties have sunflower seeds and aduki beans and hemp nuts for lasting protein.
Alfalfa sprouts have every vitamin known to man and three times more vitamin C than orange juice. Best of all, besides all the energy, .......... it is scrumptious!!!! Power on!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sunshine Snazzy Sprout Subs!!!!

I miss having a sub so I made this one for my comfort food. When I was growing up in the farm belt and the pine forests of Southern New Jersey, there was no pizza places, no fast food places or no fancy restaurants. We lived in an old rebuilt pioneer school house that was miles from our little town that was so small it didn't have a Post Office yet! The only special meals I remembered there were the pot luck dinners at the church and the Church hoagi sale every May Day. I had the mumps one May Day and insisted that Mom bring me back a hoagie because I still would be able to eat it!!!!! Gesh.....I had to wait a whole year for this! So this is a flash back for me for comfort food veggie style. You'll start with your favorite roll.....I used a traditional sub roll.......................even though it's not whole wheat...there's something special about a chewy hoagie roll. I grilled a Garden Herb Sunshine Burger on a George Foreman Grill with a few drops of oil. While it grilled for 4 min, I spit open a hoagie roll and added some local lettuce and some slices of tomatoes with salt and pepper and lots of my homegrown sprouts! Then I cut the Sunshine burger in half and piled on some organic crispy onions that came in a cardboard can from the health food store ( I must say....the crispy onions ...made a nice touch!) I mixed some vegenaise with some chopped pickles and a little of it's juice for a sauce. Next a few dashes of Italian sub dressing and another layer of lettuce and Wow!!!!! Awesome... for when you crave excellence!!!!