Saturday, October 2, 2010

Need a break from bread? Try some Sunshine Falafel Lettuce wraps :)

I wanted something very crisp and light and freshing that was tasty and nutritious so I made these Sunshine Falafel lettuce wraps and everybody just loved them!!!!! I usually don't buy iceburg lettuce but I found this organic dark green head at Publix Market and I was craving the crispiness that iceberg lettuce has! I never really was a bread buff so I usually made sandwiches using tortilla wraps. When I saw this big organic crispy head of lettuce, my brain started thinking about using the dark green outer leaves to make wraps. Yea...great idea..!!!! I got started by heating one Falafel Sunshine Patty in a small fry pan. Then I got 3 outer lettuce leaves off the head of lettuce and laid them out and put some tahini sauce inside near the base (my recipe for this is on the side of the Sunshine Falafel box).
Next, go get the Sunshine Falafel Patty out of the pan and cut it into 3 finger like slices. Place each piece near the base of the lettuce leaf and place a slice of garden fresh tomato on top. Drizzle on some more tahini sauce and top with a bunch of alfalfa sprouts(homegrown are the best) and shredded carrots. Roll up each lettuce leaf and place a tooth pick in it to help hold it together. Each wrap is the size of your fist and is such a great hand held food. You don't need potato chips to satisfy your crispy cravings!!!!! Munch on ....Sunshine Lettuce Falafel wraps!!!!

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