Friday, September 16, 2011

Scuba Lessons

Friday, October 15, 2010


The Fall veggies are here and it's time to celebrate the Autumn season!!!
Roasting them brings out their flavor and they are yummy this way. I mixed together 2 of the Sunshine Breakfast patties and 2 cups of some cooked Lundberg Family Farms Country Rice Blend to stuff the squash. I started with a red kuri squash and cut the top off, and scooped the pulp and seeds out of the center. I cut a little slice off the bottom of the squash so it would sit flat when I placed it in a casserole dish.
Next fill the squash with the rice and veggie burger mixture and place the top back on the squash. Place some red potatoes around the squash and season with salt and pepper and BRAGG'S Herb Seasoning blend. Drizzle the veggies with some melted veggie butter or olive oil and cover with a lid or some foil. Next trim some brussel sprouts and place in a separate casserole dish and also drizzle lightly with your favorite oil and salt and pepper. Put the two casserole dishes in a preheated 375 degree oven for about 45 minutes. Take out the brussel sprouts and turn the oven up to 425 degrees and uncover the squash and potatoes and continue roasting till golden, about 15-20 more minutes. Place veggies on a nice platter and Ahhhhh!!!!!! Celebrate Autumn's beautiful harvest!!!!!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Need a break from bread? Try some Sunshine Falafel Lettuce wraps :)

I wanted something very crisp and light and freshing that was tasty and nutritious so I made these Sunshine Falafel lettuce wraps and everybody just loved them!!!!! I usually don't buy iceburg lettuce but I found this organic dark green head at Publix Market and I was craving the crispiness that iceberg lettuce has! I never really was a bread buff so I usually made sandwiches using tortilla wraps. When I saw this big organic crispy head of lettuce, my brain started thinking about using the dark green outer leaves to make wraps. Yea...great idea..!!!! I got started by heating one Falafel Sunshine Patty in a small fry pan. Then I got 3 outer lettuce leaves off the head of lettuce and laid them out and put some tahini sauce inside near the base (my recipe for this is on the side of the Sunshine Falafel box).
Next, go get the Sunshine Falafel Patty out of the pan and cut it into 3 finger like slices. Place each piece near the base of the lettuce leaf and place a slice of garden fresh tomato on top. Drizzle on some more tahini sauce and top with a bunch of alfalfa sprouts(homegrown are the best) and shredded carrots. Roll up each lettuce leaf and place a tooth pick in it to help hold it together. Each wrap is the size of your fist and is such a great hand held food. You don't need potato chips to satisfy your crispy cravings!!!!! Munch on ....Sunshine Lettuce Falafel wraps!!!!



Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Look at Ziva getting help !!!!!!!

I volunteer at the Marine Science center taking care of injured rescued sea turtles. Ziva was injured so bad by a motor boat that it cut her head badly and ruined one of her ears. From this she had lost her sense of equilibrium and she was laying in the water sideways. She then got panic attacks and began splashing around going crazy. Michelle, one of the biologists the center put a life vest on her to help her feel a sense of balance again. She is now very happy and swimming around in her pool getting stronger everyday. That a girl....Ziva.....looking good !!!!!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Panini sandwiches makes any meal special !!!!

A panini grill can turn a sandwich into a special meal because because sandwiches are so yummy with the grilled crust on the outside. Since tomatoes and zucchini are still coming from the gardens I used them in my panini along with a Garden Herb Sunshine Burger and some fresh organic spinach and some Follow Your Heart Mozzarella vegan cheese. Start by grilling the Sunshine Burger by itself. Take it off and cut some fresh zucchini into diagonal slices and salt and pepper them. Oil the grill and grill these next. Put the sandwich together with the bread and the burger, the grilled zucchini, a slice of fresh tomato (I used an orange one) some spinach leaves and some slices of the veggie cheese. I used some pumpernickel bread but your favorite bread would work as well. I then spread some veggie butter on the outside of the bread and into the panini grill it goes to brown. I actually don't have a panini grill so I used my George Foreman instead. It is a little tricky but it will do the trick! Panini grills work better because the back is hinged so it fits a thicker type of food inside.
Paninis are so much fun to make and eat !!!!