Friday, July 16, 2010

Oriental Sunny Salad...try something different!

This salad reminds me of my early veggie years when Macrobiotics and raw foods first became popular. I used to love to go to macrobiotic restaurants in the East village of NYC and they served salads like this. The restaurant was called the Caldron and the Beatles used to eat there too. Very cool place !!!!! Great Chow! It is closed now but the Souen is still open. Getting back to the salad........
To make this different salad chop up some Chinese cabbage and thinly slice some carrots. Place in a bowl with some snow peas and sprouts. To make it Sunny, top it with a cooked sliced Garden Herb Sunshine Burger. For the finale...make some homemade sesame salad dressing. Simply put some chopped raw carrots in a blender with a few spoons of sesame butter (tahini) and some water and salt. Blend on high and taste to see if it needs any adjusting. You can use cold cooked carrots instead of raw in the dressing, for a more creamier consistency.
A nice touch to a very tasty macro salad indeed!!!!

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